Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bestie Friends SVG Tumblers

Hey everyone!!

I have decided to bring my other favorite crafty projects into the 
party and use some SVGS from Sherri Baldy My Besties.
Today I have for you on SVG Saturday at
My Besties Color and Create is a set of tumblers for
two lil girls, my daughter and her Bestie

I am using vinyl for the application onto the tumblers.
You could most definitely use these in your card or scrapbooking projects.

The vinyl I use is Oracal 651.  
There are many places online to purchase this from, I just happen to get
most of mine from a local sign shop close to me.

These cut just like you would your paper or cardstock with no problems.
I use a Cricut and can say make sure to use your vinyl setting for this.  I always
forget to check my dial.

Once it is cut, you need to get rid of the vinyl pieces you are not using by a process
called "weeding".  This is just pulling the pieces that aren't
going onto the project off of the carrier sheet the vinyl is on.
Don't pull the pieces going onto your project as you will be
transfering them in one process with a transfer process.

Transfer process is where you use something to pick up all the pieces at once so
your pieces stay in the same location and in the proper places.
I use a clear contact paper, which is similar to Cricut and Sil transfer film.
You peel your contact liner off of its backing and have a sticky side that 
you lay on top of your design cut in the vinyl, which should still be
on the backing piece, and you pull the vinyl up of the backing all at once.

Lay your design on your project, for me the tumblers, and press your
vinyl on and then peel the contact liner off and you have transferred
your design onto your project all in one step.

Next week, I will have a tutorial to post to show you this process, if you should
still need some help, just let me know.

Let's see what SVGS I used.

Bestie Friends heart
coming soon to

Hope you have enjoyed this project. 

Happy crafting



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